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A new experience model for the smart home and consumer IoT

January 2016
We have been hearing about the emergence of consumer IoT for decades. Yet, while many pieces of the underlying technology have been available for many years (or longer), consumer Internet of Things (IoT) experiences have yet to make their way into the average consumer’s daily life. Today, challenges exist in delivering compelling use cases, user journeys, and user experiences that deliver meaningful value propositions that encourage adoption. This poses a number of questions: What shifts need to occur to (re)position the industry for true mass market adoption? What are the elements that the industry has been stuck on that might be holding it back? Might there be a change in where the value is created for consumers in the future? This white paper will dive into these these questions, and present an alternative vision for the future of consumer IoT, through the lens of the smart home, exploring why the future is different than the one we had been expecting.
A new experience model for the smart home and consumer IoT
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Inside Wearables – Part 3

January 2016

The rocky path towards personalized, insightful wearables

In 2015, we experienced an explosion in the variety of wearable devices entering the market. Well-established categories like activity trackers and smartwatches were legitimized with Fitbit’s IPO and Apple’s eventual entrance into this space with the Apple Watch.  We are still in the very early days of wearable technology.  The next 5-10 years are going to be uniquely interesting and exciting for several reasons which we will discuss in this paper.  While this vision is incredibly compelling, there is one particularly challenging question the industry is wrestling with: how do we transform all of the data we’re increasingly able to gather into meaningful, intelligent insights that will be needed to deliver the products and user experiences that the industry is striving towards? The short answer is that we’re dealing with an interesting set of constraints that makes the problem trickier to solve. However, the rewards for solving these challenges are immense and the implications are huge. This white paper, the third in Endeavour Partners’ Inside Wearables Series, will specifically explore the nature of these new challenges, and discuss the new opportunities that are emerging for several different types of players in the broader wearables ecosystem.
Inside Wearables - Part 3
Inside Wearables Part 2

Inside Wearables – Part 2

July 2014

A look at the uncertain future of smart wearable devices, and five industry developments that will be necessary for meaningful mass market adoption and sustained engagement

The wearables space is in a period of significant transition. There are five developments that are beginning to occur that have the potential to drive meaningful mass market adoption and the delivery of sustained benefit to consumers. The degree and speed at which these take place over the next 2-3 years will have a significant impact on the rate at which wearable technology truly becomes a mass market product category. This paper will present the state of the industry today and examine these developments.
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Inside Wearables

Inside Wearables

January 2014

How the Science of Behavior Change Offers the Secret to Long-Term Engagement

Wearable devices are finally achieving mass market penetration in the United States. Skeptics and proponents of the wearables market alike recognize the significant technological innovations taking place and the opportunities for profits. Successful ventures in this space will enable new revenue streams through services and/or hardware or increase bottom line revenues by improving healthcare outcomes and reducing costs. For companies across the value chain, the stakes are high. In the midst of this frenzy of anticipation, the dirty secret of wearables remains: most of these devices fail to drive long-term sustained engagement for a majority of users. “Inside Wearables” addresses critical strategic issues in wearable devices and services and the twelve factors that are significant contributors to sustained engagement and long-term success in this highly competitive space.
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Riding the Tsunami

October 2012

How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Bricks And Mortar Retail Experience

The retail experience will change more in the next five to ten years than it has changed in the last century. We will see a rebirth of the brick-and-mortar store that delivers efficient, delightful, and personalized experiences for consumers that transcend traditional product merchandising. This white paper presents the characteristics of the future mobile-enabled retail experience; the technologies that are enabling these experiences; and the combinations of technologies that will ultimately be the most transformative. “Riding the Tsunami” will help you navigate the rapidly changing retail landscape, uncover innovative ways to leverage your customers’ mobile devices, and succeed in this highly competitive space.
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