About Us

Endeavour Partners is a strategy consulting firm with deep expertise in mobile and digital businesses and technologies. We work with top executives of companies impacted by the business and technology forces at play in the mobile and digital sectors. We help clients anticipate the future, and navigate the resulting opportunities and innovate for growth.

Three things set us apart

Our knowledge and know-how

We have deep expertise in mobile and digital technology. We bring years of experience as operators and advisors to the table – in business, technical and even academic capacities. In addition, we know how to understand what consumers will want before they realize it themselves. Finally, we have distinctive knowledge of both business and technical ecosystems – how to map them and how they evolve. We use systems thinking to create a holistic picture of all the influencers and trends at play, and to identify which ones, even seemingly minor ones, are game changers that our clients must act on.

Our network

We have developed a broad network of relationships within our sectors of focus, touching all types of participants. This has come through years of experience working in mobile and digital technology. We activate this network in our engagements to understand how the myriad of different players is thinking and likely to act. In addition, we are closely aligned with academic institutions – MIT, Harvard and London Business School – that are helping to drive leading edge thinking in business and technology.

Our team

We love what we do. We are passionate about mobile and digital technology and passionate about driving our clients’ success. This translates into highly driven and active thought partners who are eager to have an impact.
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