Endeavour Partners works with leaders that are grappling with the intersection of business and technology. Below are a few recent examples:


    • We enabled a top five mobile device manufacturer to increase customer lifetime value and installed base. We used custom surveys, detailed market modeling, customer profiles, and pain point analysis. We developed a robust 3 year roadmap for a client facing intense competition and decreasing ASPs.


    • We found the correct adjacent business model for a major wireless infrastructure owner looking to improve its vertical integration. Our work led to a $1B+ acquisition, a new business unit for the organization, and an advantageous market position.


    • A top US wireless company asked us to model evolving consumer demand, note effects on the wireless industry, and deliver the implications for the client’s infrastructure business. We built a new, data-driven model that is now being rolled out through our client’s company.


    • We worked with a growing mobile virtual network operator to forecast mobile device manufacturer and consumer demand 3-5 years out. We then developed an MDM go-to-market strategy for the client, and facilitated conversations that led to a partnership.


  • We collaborated with a top tier private equity shop considering an investment in an mobile virtual network operator. We dug into the technology, analyzed its competitors, and forecasted the evolution of consumer demand to rationalize the valuation.