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September 2015

EP People MattAs head of the Endeavour Partners content team, I’m excited to introduce a new initiative. Complementing our strategy and legal expert work, we’ve rededicated ourselves to providing insightful mobile industry content — both long- and short-form — to you our reader through our blog, The Compass.

Starting this month and periodically thereafter, we’ll explore platform strategies, innovation best practices and theory, mobile design principles, Mobile Network Operators strategies, IoT, and more.

Please sign up for our email list at and keep an eye out for the following pieces:

  • Endeavour Partners’ survey of OS loyalty in the United States
  • The psychology of platforms
  • Innovation: less is more
  • The Kano framework: optimizing design

Should you have a topic that you’re particularly interested in or which ‘keeps you up at night’ and would like us to write about please email us at


Matthew Mahoney



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