Congratulations to Verizon’s $1M Prize Winners

Tags: Education, Healthcare, Smartphone, Transportation

Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award recognizes innovations in education, healthcare, sustainability and transportation. Now in its second year, the Award …

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Endeavour Partners’ Chairman at MassTLC Mobile Summit: The Future is Already Here

Tags: Broadband, Cloud Computing, Innovation, Smartphone

How are smartphones, broadband, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and Big Data affecting our economy? What happens when these five forces conve …

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The Perfect Storm: Five Forces of Innovation

Tags: Big Data, Broadband, Cloud Computing, Ecosystem, Innovation, Internet, Smartphone, Tablet

To paraphrase Dickens: “…these are the best of times, these are the worst of times, this is the age of wisdom, this is the age of foolishness … we h …

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Billions Served (In Secret): How their mobile supply chains give Apple and Samsung an edge

Tags: Apple, Mobile, Samsung, Smartphone

In 2013, Samsung and Apple led the smartphone space with 32.3% and 15.5% market  share respectively (Strategy Analytics 2014). Together, they accounte …

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Creating the Next Great Smartphone

Tags: Innovation, Smartphone, iPhone

In a Wired Innovation Insights bog post, Chairman Michael Davies talks about how emergence — imaginative and unexpected combinations of components — …

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Smartphone Innovation Isn’t Dead

Tags: Innovation, Smartphone, The Future, systems thinking

Over the last few years, the drum beat proclaiming that smartphone innovation is coming to its end has become louder and louder. Source: Digital Photo …

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Transformation of Retail (Part 2): Enabling Technologies

Tags: Retail, Smartphone, Technology Strategy

Imagine this. One day after work you decide to stop by a new boutique where you bought a pair of boots and a jacket. Upon entering the store, a sales …

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Transformation of Retail (Part 1): The Future Retail Experience

Tags: Mobile, Retail, Smartphone

On November 1, the discount warehouse chain Building 19, known for its colorful assortment of merchandise and quirky advertising, filed for bankruptcy …

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Have Smartphones Entered Their “Post-PC” Era?

Tags: Innovation, PowerbyProxi, Samsung, Smartphone

BlackBerry’s sale, Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia, and the lukewarm response to the Moto X have left many wondering if the smartphone has entered its P …

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The Future of Activity Trackers (Part 2): Incumbents Beware

Tags: Activity Tracker, Innovation, Smartphone

[Second in a three-part series on the future of activity trackers] With smartphones rapidly absorbing the functionality of activity trackers (see my p …

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