User Experience

A new experience model for the smart home and consumer IoT

Tags: Consumer IoT, Consumer Life, Innovation, Market Adoption, Smart Home, The Future, User Experience, Value Creation

We have been hearing about the emergence of consumer IoT for decades. Yet, while many pieces of the underlying technology have been available for many …

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What “Going Viral” Means for Ecosystems

Tags: Ecosystem, Platform, User Experience, Virality

Have you seen the latest Adidas World Cup video: The Dream featuring Lionel Messi? It’s gone viral — every product marketer’s dream with over 38 mill …

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Wearables Scorecard: How Successful Will Your Wearable Be?

Tags: Activity Tracker, Consumer Engagement, User Experience, Wearables

We really enjoyed reading Tim Chang’s piece in TechCrunch on the wearables playbook. Tim is Managing Director at Mayfield Fund, one of the oldest vent …

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Wearables in the News (Part 2)

Tags: Activity Track, Consumer Engagement, User Experience, Wearables

Wearables continue to make news as investors, inventors, and innovators race to leverage the opportunities. From business and technology to fashion an …

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Consumer Engagement is the Future of Healthcare

Tags: Healthcare, Innovation, User Experience

Consumer engagement is proving to be one of the keystones of behavior change for technology companies. There is a huge disparity in how companies are …

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Endeavour Partners’ Library Project

Tags: User Experience

What do Edward Tufte, Ken Auletta, and Diane Coyle have in common? They’re just three of the hundreds of authors lining the perimeter of Endeavour Par …

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