US Smartphone OS Loyalty Survey: Q2 2015

September 2015

Figure 1:
US smartphone Sankey diagram (left to right): Q2 2015

Endeavour Partners conducted a survey of US consumers (N=1,005) who purchased a smartphone in Q2 2015 (Figure 1).* The results of the survey indicate that in Q2 2015, smartphone purchasers were highly loyal to their previous operating system: 84% of purchasers previously using iOS smartphones reported buying another iPhone, and 79% of purchasers previously using Android smartphones reported buying another Android smartphone. Endeavour Partners will soon release a comprehensive survey on Q3 2015 smartphone purchasers’ loyalty rates.

What type of smartphone was your previous device?

iOS Android

What type of smartphone did you purchase?

(Q2 2015)













Margin of error:

+/- 5.0%

+/- 4.8%

Figure 2: US consumer smartphone purchases: Q2 2015

Despite several major Android smartphone releases (Figure 3) during Q2 2015 (and none by Apple), Android loyalty did not exceed Apple’s. The difference between Android and iOS loyalty lies within the margin of error.


Q2 2015 Major New Android Smartphones   Release Date
Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge   April 10
HTC One M9   April 10
LG G4   June 5

Figure 3: Select Android smartphone releases: Q2 2015

* Endeavour Partners used Google Consumer Surveys to get a representative sample of the American online population that purchased a smartphone in Q2 2015.

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Endeavour Partners will continue to monitor trends in the smartphone loyalty as well as other mobile industry trends. These trends will help Endeavour analyze the present to help our clients anticipate the future, navigate the resulting opportunities, and innovate for growth.

Authored by Aaron Gyde and Leigh Gautreau, visualization by Justin Sola and Andrew Wilson, and edited by Matthew Mahoney and Nitzan Gadish.


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